Monday, May 22, 2017

Review: Only a Viscount Will Do

Only a Viscount Will Do Only a Viscount Will Do by Tamara Gill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'Only a Viscount Will Do' by Tamara Gill is book Three in the "To Marry a Rogue" series. This is the story of Lady Alice Worthingham and Callum Edwards, Viscount Arndel. I have read the other books in this series (all great books!!) but feel this can easily be a standalone book.
Callum inherited the estate and Title of Viscount Arndel from his cousin when he past. But Callum quickly learned there was an outstanding debt from a Moneylender that his cousin has ...and now the moneylender is expecting him to pay it. The debt is too high to pay and the lender gives him the option to become a Highway Man and rob people of a list of jewelry he wants that will pay off the debt. Callum has no choice but to do what he is asked because if not they will hurt his daughter. But now Callum in almost completed his mission with just one more thing to steal. Which leads him to rob Alice's mother and her. Alice is Callum neighbor and also someone he has feelings for. When he pulls them over to rob them, Callum can't help but tease Alice. But Alice takes action against him and gets away...but no before he takes her mother's beloved broach.
I really felt for Callum being put in a hard place to take items from his fellow towns people. Alice was a pretty strong main character. I enjoyed 'watching' these two interact and them getting together.
I am a big Fan of Ms. Gill's writing and all her books are ones I can't put down. Once I start I cannot stop until I know the end. This one was another one that I couldn't put down...loved it!
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