Saturday, August 18, 2018

Review: Art of Survival Part One

Art of Survival Part One Art of Survival Part One by Monique Orgeron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Art of Survival by Monique Orgeron is book 5 in the 'A STERN FAMILY SAGA' series. This starts the story of Catherine Stern and how she became who she is today. If you have been reading the series you have been introduced to her as the family matriarch. Catherine life has not been easy and with this book we start to learn what all she has been through and now what she is going through. Catherine story is one that I have been wanting to read since book one in this series. So I couldn't put it down and read it til I was done...but her story does continue into another book (waiting patiently). Your heart goes out to her and how strong she needed to be throughout her life. Along with her children she has a man that she is totally in love with and he with her...but their are still problems that keep Catherine from claiming her happiness.
There maybe a few trigger line stories for those who are sensitive to certain story lines. It hard to put into words how you feel about this takes you through so many emotions but overall it just a very good story that you will want to read. Loved it and hope to read more from this author soon!

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